Rotary DTLA - Martin Kleiner

Come join our next meeting on Thursday, August 16, where our speaker will be Martin Kleiner, joining us virtually from the Rotary Club of Bogota, Colombia. He will speak about his club’s current initiative providing prostheses to victims of mine explosions due to war, through the organization CIREC.

CIREC has helped amputees since 1976, and was the first prosthetic and orthotic lab in Colombia. It has delivered 32,000 prostheses since then to low income beneficiaries. CIREC is a sustainable organization that provides services to Colombia’s health system. As people in vulnerable conditions, especially in rural areas, have difficulty accessing the health system, CIREC aims to serve such populations free of charge though its sponsoring and social programs throughout Colombia.

Join us for happy hour/dinner 6-7pm at the 3F Invention Bar, followed by our meeting at 7:15pm.

Guests and visiting Rotarians welcome!

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