What’s Rotary?

It's a leadership organization...

We're made up of local business, professional and civic leaders.

We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships, and through that, we're able to get things done in our community.

Maybe you’ve seen a need in your own community and wondered how you could help. Maybe you want to use your professional skills to help others — or even learn new skills. Maybe you’re seeking connections with other service-minded professionals in your community or abroad.

Whatever your reason, joining the Rotary Club of Downtown Los Angeles can help you achieve these goals, and a whole lot more.

By using our skills and expertise locally and globally, as members of Rotary DTLA we enhance our professional network, career development, and cross-cultural understanding.

Rotary clubs are nonreligious, nonpolitical, and open to every race, culture, and creed. Members represent a cross-section of local business, professional, and community leaders.

The value of the fellowship of our fellow Rotarians is incalculable. We are friends with other Rotarians in Los Angeles and around the world.

Rotary DTLA - Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements

  • $300 annual dues
  • Attendance at meetings
  • Involvement in club projects and activities
  • Promotion of club to the outside community
  • Support of the Rotary Foundation

Joining our club requires an invitation and sponsorship by a current member.


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